Youth soccer program in Simsbury Connecticut



Volunteer coaches are the key to making Simsbury Soccer a success. Your willingness to volunteer is greatly appreciated!  If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the  .  Here is some information and action items


  • There is a coaches meeting for U5 on Thursday, August 31 at Curtiss D from 5:30-6:30.
  • There is a coaches meeting for U6, U7 and U8 on Tuesday, September 5 at the Pavillion at Curtiss from 6:00-6:30
  • ALL head and assistant coaches should try to attend.
  • Equipment bags will be distributed at the meeting.


  • Complete the background check if this is your first time volunteering with our club or it it’s been several years since the last time you did the background check. If in doubt, please do it again. It should take no more than 5 minutes. 
  • Please make sure it's done with your legal name and birth date
  • Once completed it is valid for 3 years.  


  • Rosters will be worked on as soon as registration closes. The goal is to upload them to the website as soon as possible so that the information is available prior to the start of the season.
  • The methodology in assigning players is to distribute players based on ratings provided to Simsbury Soccer by the the professional trainers who work with our program. Please keep in mind that for some players that information is not available. Our aim is to have each team be competitive so that games are fun and players all have a chance to develop. We do not "stack" teams. 
  • Please contact your players to introduce yourself. Scroll down to see how to email your team and the information to include.


  • Let parents know that shin guards are required. No one can practice or play in games without them.
  • Other equipment required for players to bring: socks, cleats, size 3 ball and labeled water bottle.
  • Equipment bags will be handed out to coaches at the Coaches Meeting. They will consist of a few extra balls, cones, discs, pinnies and a first aid kit. 
  • Uniform shirts will be distributed at the first practice session.
  • In divisions where there are numbered uniforms, the lower numbers are smaller sizes and the largest number is the largest size. Extra uniforms are not available so line up the players by size and hand out so the smaller players receive the smaller sizes and the larger players receive the larger sizes. If a player is not available the day uniforms are handed out, keep a larger size in reserve.
  • It can be sunny early but gets chilly as the sun goes down so remind players to bring whatever else is needed, e.g. sunscreen, sweatshirt etc.


  • Please see your specific program for date/time/location of your practices. U5 and U6 do not have a weekday practice. U7 practices on Wednesdays and U8 practices on Thursdays.
  • Arrange to be at the first practice about 15 minutes early so that you can find a spot on the field for your players to gather as they arrive.
  • Practices are run in a clinic style format. The professional facilitators will bring all teams together and will demonstrate one or more activities/drills. The coaches will then return with their teams to their areas to work on the demonstrated skill.‚Äč
  • The professional facilitator for U7 and U8 is Coach Ken Akien.
  • Please be sensitive to any players or coaches who may need to miss practices as they observe any religious obligations.
  • Skills Clinic In addition to the weekly practice, U7 and U8 players can also register for a 5-week skills clinicThe clinic runs Fridays from 5:15-6:30 and starts the week after the first practice and runs for 5 sessions total with rain-outs being tacked on to the end. It is run by Coach Ken Akien. $40 fee for clinic and is a separate entry in Registration.


  • Start the games promptly.
  • Games are Saturdays. Please see your specific program for game times/locations.  
  • U5 and U6 are in clinic format and not competitive games. U7 plays 3v3 games in two 25-minute halves. U8 plays 5v5 in two 25-minute halves.
  • Ask that your players arrive a few minutes early to warm up.
  • No games on holiday weekends: Labor Day, Columbus Day, Memorial Day.
  • Please be sensitive to any players or coaches who may need to miss games as they observe any religious obligations.


  • Fall fundraiser for Simsbury Soccer.
  • Players should wear their uniform shirt to every practice but please remind them again for photo day. 
  • Look emails with specific information for your division and ordering information for your team's families.
    • U5 - TBD Saturday, 9/24 during the soccer session
    • U6 - TBD Saturday, 10/01 during the soccer session
    • U7 - TBDWednesday, 9/28 during regular practice time
    • U8 - TBD Thursday, 9/15 during regular practice time


  • Soccer is a game that is played in all weather conditions: sun, rain or snow. While Simsbury Soccer does not normally close fields due to bad weather, we will make a decision to cancel clinics or games if we feel player safety or field safety are a risk. Parents should use their own discretion if they feel their player should not participate on a particular day.
  • Simsbury Soccer follows the National Weather Service's lighting guidelines. In the event of thunder or lightning immediately clear the fields and seek a safe shelter. Suspend activities for 30 minutes after the last observed lightning or thunder. 


  • The official CJSA Silent Sidelines weekends are will be the third weekend in May and the third weekend of October. 
  • The guidelines are simple: Coaches are allowed to coach their players but spectators are to be quiet, talking in a normal tone to the person next to them. What is to be avoided are comments that can be heard by players, referees or opponents. Applause is permitted and encouraged.

  • Email or call your players within a few days so that players and families are aware of their team assignment. 
  • To email players from the Simsbury Soccer website please see instructions below on How to Email Team.

Include the Following Information

  • The name of your team, your name and the best way to get in touch with you and any assistant coaches.
  • Instructions on How to View Roster and How to View Team Schedule
  • First practice date, location and time and season end date.
  • First game date location and time...check your team's schedule once it is up.
  • Shin guards are required to participate in all practices and games. (Shin guards go under the socks.)
  • Players should bring a water bottle adn size #3 ball to all practices; both should be labeled with the player's name and phone number.
  • Parents must fill out the Emergency Medical Consent Form and give it to you on the first day. This information must be at every game and practice. Keep in in the equipment bag or emergency kit.
  • There are no games on holiday weekends: Labor Day, Columbus Day, Memorial Day.

How to View Roster and (for coaches only) Email Team

  1. Go to and click “Team” tab on top of screen.
  2. From the dropdowns on the right, select the current Season, correct Division, and player’s Team.
  3. Select “Roster” from the Left tool bar.
  4. Rosters are protected and you will need a password to access them. When prompted enter email and password you use to log in to the Simsbury Soccer website.
  5. Roster will be displayed and may be viewed, printed or (for coaches only) used to email the team or individual members.

How to View Team Schedule

  1. Go to and click “Team” tab on top of screen.
  2. From the dropdowns on the right, select the current Season, correct Division, and player’s Team.
  3. Select “Schedule” from the Left tool bar.
  4. Use Multi-schedule to see the schedule for multiple teams at the same time.