Youth soccer program in Simsbury Connecticut



What if I can't remember my password?

If you cannot remember your password, please enter your email address and your password will be sent to that address. Please do not just make a new profile because it will create a duplicate in the system. If you need further support, please contact our .

How about if I don't remember the email address I used for my profile or I no longer have access to the email address I used?

Please contact our  . We would appreciate if you do not just make a new profile because it will create a duplicate in the system.

How do I add another parent/guardian to my player's account?

The parent or guardian who has an account should log into our system. From the top menu bar select "My Account" and then select "Add Guardian". Please be sure to include the birth date of the person being added in the profile. In the event they decide to coach or manage a team, their birth date will be necessary to match the background check information to the roster we submit for approval.


When does Registration open?

In general, the regular Registration period for our Instructional and Farmington Valley programs are as follows:

  • Fall opens in June and closes on August 1st
  • Spring opens in February and closes on March 15th

Once regular Registration closes there is a one-week Late Registration period with an additional fee. No registrations will be accepted after Late Registration closes. Please see our Registration page for specifics to the current season. 

What if I have missed the Registration period?

Please understand that once the Late Registration period closes, our volunteers are hard at work preparing for the upcoming season in order to provide the best experience for the players and families who meet our deadlines. In addition, our uniform ordering is based on the number of players registered for a program at the close of Late Registration. Occasionally--and this varies from season to season--certain programs may be opened up for a one-day Amnesty Day where we will accept registrations into programs that have capacity. Information about Amnesty Day will be posted on our website after the close of Late Registration.

Can my player play in program other than their birth year?

In a word: No. In 2016, the US Soccer Federation moved to organizing players by birth year rather than arbitrary dates set by individual state clubs. The Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA), of which our Club is a member, started following that directive last fall. To be fair, the birth year changes that have been mandated have taken us all some time to adjust.

With the new birth year mandates, players in our U5 through U8 programs will only be with other players in the birth year (i.e. at most a 12-month span.) We could not make that reassurance to parents if we allowed players to register in a program that does not correspond with their birth year. As players get older and more familiar with the game, our Recreational players in our Farmington Valley League play in two year age bands of U10, U12 and U14.

How are your programs structured?

The Simsbury Soccer Club is an all-volunteer organization that runs the Recreational and Travel soccer programs in the town. We have programs for all levels from skill-building Instructional to competitive Travel. More information can be accessed by going to our Programs page.

  • Instructional: Our younger recreational players participate in our birth-year based U5, U6, U7 and U8 programs. These programs take place entirely in Simsbury at local fields.
  • Farmington Valley League: Our older recreational players play in the Farmington Valley League which has programs for U10, U12 and U14 players. In the Farmington Valley League teams travel to and play against other teams from neighboring towns. 
  • Travel: Our more competitive player participate on travel teams in the CJSA's North Central division. Each Spring there is a tryout to determine the teams for the following Fall-Spring season. In the Fall we have teams competing in U9 through U14/15 and in the Spring we add Senior Travel teams at the U16 and U18 levels.
  • TOPSoccer: Our young athletes with physical/mental challenges participate in a community-based program designed to share the learning and playing the game of soccer with any player, ages 4-21. Our goal is to enable young athletes with limited abilities the opportunity to enjoy the fellowship, exercise, and fun of playing soccer with their peers. This program takes place entirely in Simsbury at local fields.
Farmington Valley 
U5 U10 U9 TOPSoccer
U6 U12 Travel  
U7 U14 Senior Travel  
Skills Clinic for U7/U8   Travel Tryouts  


What is your refund policy?

All refund requests should be made by emailing the club  .

  • Instructional and Farmington Valley League (U5 through U14/15) and Senior Travel: Simsbury Soccer Club will refund registration fees (less any late fees and less a $10 cancellation processing fee) to the player up to the start of the league season. After that date, pro-rated registration fees will only be refunded for medical reasons.
  • Clinics (U5-U14/15):  Up to the start of the clinic, Simsbury Soccer Club will refund registration fees (less any late fees and a $5 cancellation processing fee) to the player. After that date, pro-rated registration fees will only be refunded for medical reasons.

Do you accept players from other towns?

The Simsbury Soccer Club is for any player who lives or attends school in Simsbury. We can accept players into our Recreational program from other towns if their town does not offer a program for players in that particular season

Are there scholarships available?

In general, to qualify for financial assistance from Simsbury Soccer you will need to provide proof of government support (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Medicaid assistance including Husky, etc) or a copy of your tax return showing your Adjusted Gross Income below a certain threshold ($50,000 in 2017). Please contact our to inquire about specifics. 


When are tryouts for Travel teams?

Tryouts for Travel teams are held in May. Teams are set for the following Fall-Spring season. 

When are tryout results posted?

Travel team tryout results will be posted once the following conditions are met: school in Simsbury is out of session and the CT Cup Finals have been played.

As a coach/manager, is my background check valid?

On August 1st of each year, CJSA sets the default to the new seasonal year (Fall-Spring). Any background checks that were filed more than two years before that date will expire. Please look at the Background Check page to see if your name is on the list and the file date to determine if you need to submit a new background check.

Does my player need to submit a new photo?

When CJSA sets the new seasonal year on August 1st and purges any picture that was uploaded more than 2 years ago. A good rule of thumb is to submit a photo of your player once they have been named to one of our U9, U11 or U13 teams or if they are new to one of our travel teams in one of the years between.

Instructional and Farmington Valley League

Why are there only three age groups in Farrmington Valley? I don't see a a program for my player.
Because so many of our players (and those in other towns) are involved in competitive Travel soccer starting at U9, there is a dropoff in the number of players left in Recreational soccer. 

In some of our age groups, we would only have enough players for one or two teams. There would be no one to play. This happens in other towns in our area as well. As a result, the towns in our area formed a league, called the Farmington Valley League (FVL), so that there would be plenty of opponents for our older Recreational players.

This allows our Recreational players the opportunity to play other teams and not just the same team week after week after week. Since the number of players in a given age group vary from town to town, the FVL was set up to have two year age bands.  So at the Recreational level U9 players are on teams with U10 players, U11 play with U12, and U13 play with U14.
Can I make a placement request?

As a general rule we do not take requests for players to be placed together. The Simsbury Soccer Club is a not-for-profit all-volunteer run organization. We have over 1000 players in our programs each year. Our volunteers work hard year-round to run our programs. There are many long hours put in behind the scenes, especially in the weeks leading up to the start of a season. We do everything from soliciting volunteers to coach to organizing uniforms to preparing fields to packing equipment bags to pulling together rosters.

At the lower U-levels (U5, U6, U7) the Division Directors work to distribute players so that each team has a nice mix of schools represented. We have found that Instructional soccer is more fun for all when there is not an odd person out on a team made up of players who all go to school together. And at the higher U-levels (U8 and above) the Division Directors spend hours doing their best to balance teams based on skill level information that we get about players from our professional facilitators. The goal is that all participants have the opportunity to be on a competitive team. 

It may not seem like a big deal at the lower levels but three things come into play:

  1. At the Instructional level, all practice and games are at the same time and location so families can still car-pool even if their players are not on the same team.
  2. Allowing placement requests sets a precedent with families who then have expectations about how we will treat requests as their children move through our programs.
  3. Taking requests for players to be together could result in some teams are “stacked” with the best players and that would defeat our mission of providing equal opportunity for the development of all individual players.
How do I volunteer to coach?
We appreciate volunteers more than you can ever know! Parents are encouraged to help out and coach. For the Instructional programs, you do not need playing or coaching experience, just enthusiasm! 
Prior to the season there will be a coaching clinic to help volunteers become more comfortable on the field and understanding the skills being taught at this age group.
Please fill out a Volunteer Coach Application. Please note it is a general coaching application form used by the SSC so don't be intimidated by some of the questions about qualifications and coaching philosophy!
You will also need to submit to a Background Check.