Youth soccer program in Simsbury Connecticut


Volunteer Opportunities

The Simsbury Soccer Club (SSC) provides soccer programs to approximately 1,200 kids each year and is one of the most admired clubs in the Northeast.  The strength of the club is in large part the result of the wonderful volunteers that contribute their time to a wide range of activities.

Thank you to all who in the past have given your time - whether that is coaching the kids on the field, helping manage the teams, or performing other administrative roles for the club.


A number of roles take significant a amount of time each year and many people find it hard to set aside the time though they want to help.  There are plenty of roles that assist the club that may only require an hour a month or a couple of hours per season.  Some examples of these include; helping update the website, assisting with the TOPS program, coordinating the equipment order, helping with our annual recreation jamboree, updating our member database, leading or assisting fund raising activities ... (see current list below).


Plenty of people find it very rewarding to volunteer because they get involved in their kid’s activities or they get to meet new people in town, others like giving back to the organization that has provided a fun experience for their kids and yet others like to use their talents for their community.  Whatever the reason, we would like you to let us know if you are interested in help out.

Please contact Emma Kagel at 503-858-7123   or contact another SSC Board member to let them know you are interested in volunteering and what types of activities would be of interest.


Current Openings

Treasurer:  The Treasurer is a Club Officer and is responsible for all funds and securities of the Club.  The Treasurer receives and gives receipts for moneys due and payable to the Club and deposits all moneys in the Club bank account(s).  The Treasurer coordinates the preparation of the Club’s tax return with the Club’s outside accountant.  The ideal candidate should have a accounting and budgeting background.
Referee Director:  The Referee Director helps train new referees by observing games and providing feedback to ensure referees are following the Laws of the Game.  In addition, the Referee Director works with the Connecticut State Referee Program (CSRP) to bring soccer referee classes to Simsbury.  
Equipment Manager: The Equipment Manager puts together the team equipment bags for the Pre-K Dinomites – Farmington Valley teams each fall and spring.  The Equipment Manager collects the bags at the end of each season, maintains an equipment inventory, and orders new equipment as necessary (balls, cones, first aid kits, pinney’s, etc.).


Coaching Opportunities

Click here to apply to be a coach