Youth soccer program in Simsbury Connecticut


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Yellow Cards:
•Usually given for minor infractions or fouls
•Tracked by appropriate district commissioner
•Usually require no further intervention or action

Red Cards:
•Usually given for more serious infractions
•Two Yellow Cards on a player in one game is an automatic Red Card.
•Tracked by appropriate district commissioner
•Report filed with District Chairman by game official
•Pass retained by game official and sent to CJSA State Office.
•Player is suspended for remainder of game
•Player suspended at a MINIMUM for next scheduled game
•Minimum two (2) game suspension for acts of aggression towards teammates or opponents
•Minimum three (3) game suspension for acts of aggression towards game officials fitting the description of “referee abuse” as outlined in §CJSA7124
•Suspensions are automatic. Case may be referred to district disciplinary committee by the District Chairman or the DRA for further sanctions.